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Providing the highest quality infrastructure for your high density processing


Gemstar Containers by Logixx are carefully assembled by experienced data center construction professionals.  All components of the containers are selected for reliability and maximum profit.  Our containers feature the highest percent uptime and most energy efficient design available.

Several features of the Gemstar Containers include: 

  • Elevated design; free from the threat from water, dirt, snow and vegetation.
    The floor and walls are completely vented allowing cool filtered air in and directly vent the hot air out
  • Assembled at multiple locations across the United States for faster deployment of larger orders
  • Compare our design to others and benefit from at least a 1% additional uptime, with S17’s that equates to a savings of $24,000 per year
  • Custom designed PDUs combine circuit breakers and plugs to save floor space allowing more room for miners
  • Eco-friendly free cooling and direct venting can save more than $23,000 per year in fan energy costs. Also, reducing maintenance and downtime associated with fans


The Logixx software platform is a cryptocurrency miner management solution and a  distributed provider of GPU cloud services. The Logixx software provides a platform that drastically reduces the amount of time spent receiving, configuring, deploying and managing miners in a facility specifically designed for high density processing. 

Our software is designed to automatically configure, manage and deploy miners into the facilities and networks.  In an era of rising costs and uncertain cryto-pricing, managing costs is a top priority for large mining operations.


Logixx is proud to provide custom designed PDUs that combine circuit breakers and plugs to save floor space allowing more room for miners.  These space saving PDUs allow for additional PDU for expansion in our construction builds. 

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