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The Benefits of Modular Data Centers

High density processing centers and mining operations are often located on rough terrain where power sources (such as hydro-power) can be obtained most cost effectively.  These rugged locations, along with relocation requirements, can often take a toll on equipment. Using containers as modular data centers have many benefits for those who are in need of a lot of computing power.  

We’ve highlighted our top five benefits to using modular data centers: 

  • Portability 

Modular data centers can be placed at the best locations for optimized performance and deployment.  Having portable containers allows companies to access the most cost effective power sources available.  Also, should a cheaper power source be found, the portability of containers allows them to be easily transported to a new location.  

  • Efficiency

In addition to being portable, containers are also extremely efficient.  Modular data centers leverage an efficient installation and hosting process which allows companies to draw power directly from the source. This ensures a fixed low price and minimal downtime for your container. 

  • Reduction in environmental impact 

Due to controlled building costs, containers have less excess materials than traditional build sites.  This not only reduces waste (thus being better for the environment), but also allows for a much less expensive site build.  

  • Quicker time to profits 

Modular data centers can be manufactured and delivered in as little as a few weeks.  Building permanent structures or foundations on job sites takes a lot longer, meaning it also takes a lot longer for your company to begin making a profit.  

  • Reduction in downtime 

If you use a reputable company (such as Logixx) your modular data center will be maintained by a team of highly qualified, trained professionals.  Constant monitoring of your container provides immediate reaction in response to any issues found. This means your system is always functioning at maximum efficiency with minimum downtime.  

Getting Started

If you think that a modular data center might be right for your situation or organization, contact Logixx about their Gemstar container today.  Gemstar by Logixx is designed to have the highest percent uptime and most energy efficient layout available.  The container is carefully assembled by experienced data center construction professionals, with all components selected for reliability and maximum profit. 

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